The best pizza in East Tennessee!


“Not For Everyone”


Scratch is a post-modern mom, pop, and standard-issue-store-kid business. It features components of a bakery, smokehouse, charcuterie, and wood-fired pizzeria. The whole affair is located below our home in a lovingly restored 1900 house in Johnson City, Tennessee’s historic North Roan Street District.

We do most of our cookery with a wood in our massive, hand built (by us) 100 ton brick and riverstone oven. In the past, our crusty breads, peperone, capicola, sausages, smoked meats, sauces and desserts were made fresh in-house, by hand and with simple ingredients. Nowadays we have reduced the menu to cater to what people demanded the most, pizza! Each week we hand make all of our meats, sauces, doughs, and anything pizza related in order to provide you with the most delicious pizza you have ever tasted.


Thank you for helping us win 2011′s

Pie Wars Competition!

- Best Cheese!
- Best Pepperoni!
- Best Pizza in the Tri-Cities!

We had a blast participating in this competition.

Watch our video entry for 2011′s Pie Wars competition below…